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Drywall Finishing Tips

Want to Know How to Finish Off Your Drywall?

Once new drywall is hung, it will then be time to go on to its finishing. An experienced handyman can complete a mid-sized room in around 2 hours; however, it will generally take a novice twice as much time. All which is needed is drywall tape, joint compound, sandpaper, pole sander and drywall knives.

Drywall finishing involves taping and applying joint compound onto the seams, which are between each drywall sheet. There are several helpful tips and tricks which will make most drywall finishing jobs look like a professional did them. Finishing drywall is quite time-consuming, as to do it correctly, it will take a 3-coat process, and every coat needs to dry 24 hours before the next one is applied. When the first layer of joint compound is applied to the seams of drywall, it has to be at least 15.2 cm in width.

Which is why you will need to use a 15.2 cm knife. This spreads the compound properly, make sure the knife has rounded edges so not to cut the drywall. After which, the drywall tape will be applied over the compound, this stops any cracking, in addition to hiding the seams. When finishing drywall, the drywall tape should be paper or fiberglass mesh. If it is the latter, it should stick by itself and is very simple to work with.

Fiberglass tape should be used in conjunction with a strong and quick drying compound, which is made from powder. Because this compound is quick drying, it can be extremely complicated to use, individuals that are new to finishing should use a pre-mixed compound and paper tape. Plus, the tape has to be applied in one piece and be pushed deep into the compound every 30.5 cm, this will stop any wrinkling or slippage.

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